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The Ola Caribense Foundatation
Next to the musical ensemble of Ola Caribense , also a foundation has been set up. The Ola Caribense Foundation aims to stimulate the preservation of the musical cultural heritage of the Caribbean, more in particular the traditional and classical music composed at the islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire.

To realize its intention the foundation strives to create interest for the Antillean music tradition among a wide audience. Interest, not only for the well known Antillean waltz, danza, mazurka, tumba, pasillo, danzón, tango, paso doble and calypso, but also for the more classical oriented chamber music created by Antillean composers such as Jan Gerard Palm (1831-1906), Jules François Blasini (1847-1887), Joseph Sickman Corsen (1853-1911) and Charles Maduro (1883-1947).
OlaCaribense The foundation strives to realize its objectives by stimulating, supporting and undertaking musical activities and projects. Examples of these are concerts, audiovisual productions and the diffusion of knowledge about the Antillean music through a broad variety of presentations and publications.