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Ola Caribense's repertoire contains a choice of Antillean rhythms with unmistakably African, Caribbean and European elements such as the waltz, tumba, danza and mazurka.

The ensemble's traditional strength of piano, cuarta (a small 4-stringed guitar), bass guitar, percussion (wiri, maraca, guiro and conga), violin and flute guarantees the authentic sound that reminds us of the beauty of days gone by.

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Tristeza con Alegria

Tumba Delegá

Dansa Sensual

Leu Foi Kas Kòrsou (juni 2023)

Impression concert at Geelvinck Museum

Impression VAN concert in The Hague September 21st 2014

Ola Caribense interviews singer Yumarya Grijt

Korsou ta nifika kas pa mi (ft Yumarya Grijt)

Robby Schouten Leu foi Kas visits Ola Caribense

Government Ministerial Representative
Edwin Abath sings with OC

Ola Caribense giving Young Talent a stage

Short reportage by Jermain Lo (MTNL)

Juliana - Lionel Belasco